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Arizona Highways Magazine Friday Fotos

  Almost every Wednesday — with only a break here and there — Arizona Highways Magazine runs a themed photo contest on their Facebook page, called Friday Fotos. Open to anyone who wishes to enter, […]

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Autumn on Mt Lemmon

It was magical.  Simply magical.  Two of my sisters and I made the decision to travel to the top of Mt Lemmon for a ‘farewell’ trip of sorts, since one sister was moving out of […]

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Sonoran Wildflowers

March 18, 2015 Spring in the Sonoran desert–it can be very surprising to see the variety we have here.  We’ve had a record amount of winter rain so our Spring is spectacular this year!  One […]

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Best Buds

July 13, 2013 I thought it was clever ~ the name of this post, that is.  A collection of some of my best (and favorite) images of floral buds.  Originally uploaded to my website in […]

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Sonoran Snow

June 29, 2013 I’ve been saving this post for a few months now (five actually), waiting for when it was so hot, a few ‘cool’ pics would be welcomed.   Back in February, there were a […]

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Mt Lemmon Snowscapes

January 1, 2013 Mt Lemmon is located on top of one of southern Arizona’s famous “Sky Islands” and here I was able to capture some amazing snowscapes on New Year’s Day.  The snow kept falling […]

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Downtown Tucson: Eclectic Southwest

October 9, 2010 Early on a bright sunny October morning in 2010, I was in downtown Tucson to assist Southern Arizona Celiac Support with their first ever booth at the locally-famous Tucson Meet Yourself (or […]

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