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Jonny and Kamille: New Mexico Mountain Wedding Portraits

May 26, 2013 Young, photogenic and very much in love is this newlywed couple…my husband and I traveled to the mountains of New Mexico to shoot their wedding portraits and capture a few of the […]

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Apryl & Alex Wedding: East Texas in the Winter

January 26, 2013 The wedding day in Longview, Texas dawned cold and rainy …. ugh.  Having said that, most photographers would rather have an overcast day for outdoor shooting than bright sun, especially since the […]

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Megan & Randy: Outdoor Sonoita Ranch Wedding

November 10, 2012 This wedding shoot was full of “firsts” for me…the wedding ceremony was to be held outdoors on a ranch; it was a western themed (no surprise there)–the bride and bridesmaids wore cowgirl […]

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Amy & Ken Set Sail as Husband and Wife

September 22, 2012 Ahoy Mateys!!!  I know it’s corny, but I could not resist that nor the title of this particular blog since both the Bride and the Groom are serving our country in the […]

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Casey & Steven Wedding: Elegance in Black, White & Turquoise

April 21, 2012 Casey and Steven had one of the most elegant weddings and receptions I have ever photographed.  The black & white paisley theme (with an accent shade of turquoise blue) was coordinated in […]

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Bryanna & Shane Wedding: New Year’s Eve in New Mexico

December 31, 2011 The last day of the year and it was cold, ice and snow on the ground, but not so bad that we couldn’t drive when we arrived to shoot the wedding of […]

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Ashley & Zac Wedding: November in Northwest Tucson

November 26, 2011 This was a great lesson in learning to make lemonade when life hands you lemons!  Our bride, Ashley, had her heart set on having her ‘first look’ and wedding party shoot at […]

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Robyn and Timothy: Barefoot Bride in Pennsylvania Campground Wedding

September 10, 2011 Another unusual venue for a wedding–at least for me–a church campground in northwestern Pennsylvania.  It so happens that these two young people (Timothy and Robyn) met each other at this campground at […]

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